Youmu brings back a lot of food, but Yuyuko ambushes her to get her share early. Aim for the pantry behind her to put the buns in safety, but be careful not to shoot her, or she'll eat your buns!

Move with the Arrows.

Z or W to Shoot

Shift to focus and move more slowly

Also R lets you restart the fight.

(Pro tip: use "Enter" or R to try again without shooting the boss instantly)

Art/Code: Weakest Imp

Music: Synthmusic Solstice


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When I press "try again", Youmu immediately shoots a single bun into Yuyuko, making me lose one bun at the start of every attempt.

On one attempt, I reached zero and got a game over at the same time. :D

Epic slowdown effect, and such a sweet ending. <3

Thanks for your comment. I didn't realize this was an issue since I retried with "Enter" or R during playtesting, but I see the problem.

That requires some precise resource management (or dumb luck) to get, but yeah It is somehow possible to win and lose at the same time x)

Neat concept! Usually in Touhou games you gotta aim your shots for the boss, but this time you gotta avoid them.

Oh nice, I didn't noticed that !